A24 Whodunit Horror With The Hunger Games Star Finally Hits Netflix in March

A24 Whodunit Horror With The Hunger Games Star Finally Hits Netflix in March
Image credit: A24, Netflix

Agatha Christie mystery set in a modern, fashionable mansion? Yes, please.


  • Bodies Bodies Bodies is a horror-comedy from A24 about a group of friends who must find the killer of a party host among themselves.
  • The movie's main strength is its charismatic cast – The Idol 's Rachel Sennott, The Hunger Games ' Amandla Stenberg and Guardians of the Galaxy's Maria Bakalova.
  • Bodies Bodies Bodies will be available on Netflix from March 20.

We rarely see a bad project from A24 – when it comes to independent films, the studio is always several steps ahead of the rest.

When A24 releases a slasher movie, one should not expect the classic "teenagers took a wrong turn and lost all their limbs" trope. Bodies Bodies Bodies is a horror movie with pretentious and over-the-top characters, each of whom is a collective and familiar image.

What is Bodies Bodies Bodies About?

A group of young people are having a party in a big country house, and Sophie, who has recently fallen out of her circle of friends, and her partner Bee show up. The beginning of a hurricane gathers everyone inside the house: in order to entertain themselves, the friends decide to play the game Bodies, Bodies, Bodies.

The rules are simple: the lights in the house are turned off, everyone runs away, one of the participants acts as a killer and looks for a victim.

If someone finds a "dead" player in the dark, they have to shout "bodies, bodies, bodies," then the lights come back on and the others try to find the killer.

After the first round, the friends argue and run to different rooms, but due to a windy downpour, the power goes out in the house, and the party host, David, somehow ends up outside with his throat cut. Now the friends must find the real killer in their midst.

Bodies Bodies Bodies is an Agatha Christie-style Horror Comedy

In an attempt to find a potential killer and protect themselves, the characters all remember each other's mistakes in order to cast suspicion on someone else.

As in any Agatha Christie mystery, we will gather evidence and find the killer. Since there is no butler in the fashionable mansion, the characters must look for the culprit among themselves. The unpredictable ending will put an end to the investigation and force you to rethink the nature of your suspicions.

Despite the witty plot and entertaining concept, the film rests on three pillars: the comedic talent of Rachel Sennott (The Idol star), the charm of Amandla Stenberg (Rue from The Hunger Games) and the charisma of Maria Bakalova (Cosmo from Guardians of the Galaxy).

Bodies Bodies Bodies captivates with the actors' chemistry, and offers an exciting hour and a half of detective play.

When Is Bodies Bodies Bodies Coming to Netflix?

The movie will be available on Netflix on March 20.