AI Imagines Rocket in Tony Stark-Made Armor, and It's Surprisingly Creepy

AI Imagines Rocket in Tony Stark-Made Armor, and It's Surprisingly Creepy
Image credit: Legion-Media

AIs have never failed to surprise or creep us out (or both at the same time) when it comes to reimagining our faves as something else.

Here is another rendition – this one is going to Rocket your world! Get it?

AIs seem unable to let Marvel just be. Planet AI has already done our beloved Avengers as their villainous alter egos, so what is left, you might ask?

Plenty, we hope! This time, Rocket Raccoon has received the ultimate AI makeover. Or rather the Tony Stark one? Maybe even both together?

The AI has created the Iron Man-inspired armor for Rocket, and it looks totally Avenger-worthy (and we mean the original six!).

Rocket is wearing a suit with what is clearly a rip-off of Tony's arc reactor (hopefully, it is not as deadly as Stark's). Aww, the red even complements Raccoon's glowing-red eyes!

While this design is definitely to die for, Marvel fans have been at it for years – does Rocket need armor at all? If he does, what kind of armor would he design for himself?

Rocket is known to be a brilliant engineer with a particular knack for creating powerful weapons. So why doesn't he create his own armor if it comes so easily to him?

Fans believe that it would make Iron Man's suit look like an old and forgotten child's toy. Ouch!

Given Rocket's gun fetish, people agree that if he decided to design armor for himself, he would just "focus on aggressive explosive-based offensive weapons."

Sounds like the Rocket we know, right?

Whatever might be the case, this Raccoon is not to be messed with (armor or no armor)! Who knows, maybe we will eventually get to see Tony Stark give Rocket a nice bulletproof suit for his birthday? Fingers crossed.