AI Reimagines Avengers as Villains: Groot and Starlord Are a Nightmare Duo

AI Reimagines Avengers as Villains: Groot and Starlord Are a Nightmare Duo
Image credit: Legion-Media

What can't modern AIs do? Frankly, not much is left.

They can already scare world-renowned movie directors, common graphic artists, and other content creators. It turns out that they can also make our Marvel faves the stuff of any kid's (and adult's) nightmares.

Planet AI has reimagined the Avengers in their villainous alter-egos and has left us all shook.

Some fans say that the villains look even better than the originals, joking that while the Avengers are putting all their efforts into capturing and/or defeating the villains, the latter are busy "styling themselves."

Well, that really depends on your definition of "better", but to each their own, we suppose…

Others feel that the villainous Hulk is actually what the real Hulk was supposed to look like in the MCU in the first place.

While that is probably true, can you just hold on for a minute and picture the baddie Hulk fighting Iron Man? Tony Stark would crumble (probably) a lot faster than he actually did.

Users were more than ready to hype up evil Groot and Starlord – and rightfully so – they look like an unstoppable duo. Imagine hearing this Groot say, "I am Groot " before lunging at you. We would run as fast as we could!

People have also noticed that the villains give off stormtrooper vibes. Though evil Black Panther and Falcon are more in the Darth Vader vein, while baddie Thor just looks like someone you would never want to fight in a million years.

Some fans are not that impressed with the AI's work, especially with the whole light that used to be blue or green now turning red thing.

We kind of see their point. It is such a cliché for the villains' eyes to glow red, right?

We do not know about you but we think that these heroes-turned-villains still look sick! This is not to say that we do not love our Avengers' looks as they are (we do!).

We would not want to change a thing. Well, except maybe for the Hulk. Come on, that Hulk would make enemies run just by looking at them.

In all seriousness, the great thing about all this may be that this AI art will give way to some creative human fan art and maybe even cosplay!

Future Comic Cons are going to look more and more exciting when we get to see fans as evil Avengers. Can't wait to look at the pics!