AI Recasts Avengers With the 90s Stars, And Its Pick For Loki is Chef's Kiss

AI Recasts Avengers With the 90s Stars, And Its Pick For Loki is Chef's Kiss
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The AI suggestions are surprisingly good.

Considering how many Avengers movies have been made, it's no surprise that many people associate Robert Downey Jr. with Iron Man and Chris Hemsworth with Thor.

Now we say "Loki " and think "Tom Hiddleston," but you may change your mind when you finish reading this article.

Artificial intelligence, which comes to the rescue when it comes to an alternate version of literally anything, imagined what the characters of the Marvel Universe would look like if they were played by other famous actors in the 90s.

The original post appeared on the subreddit of Midjourney.

Although after so many years it is hard to imagine other stars in the Avengers team, we have to admit that we would definitely see this cast donning superhero suits on real-life big screens.

According to AI, Tom Cruise would be perfect for the role of Iron Man – a pretty logical choice, but not outstanding. However, the 90s pick for Thor might be better than Chris Hemsworth, if we may... because the AI picked Brad Pitt.

Milla Jovovich apparently got the role of Black Widow from AI because of her role in The Fifth Element – she also had red hair there, but the "canonical" Scarlett Johansson still looks much more harmonious in the role of the spy.

Michael J. Fox didn't really impress fans as Hawkeye either, and fans admitted that the real casting directors did a better job than the computer-generated one with casting Jeremy Renner.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Hulk cast looks... well, it looks like the most obvious and therefore less interesting option.

However, it was Jim Carrey as Loki that impressed almost everyone. Many are sure that the cult comedian would have looked absolutely organic in the role of the Scandinavian god.

Avengers in the 90s
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One of the fans recalled Carrey in the role of the Riddler, who has something slightly in common with Loki.

The Riddler, a supervillain obsessed with intellectual superiority, was one of the few real bright spots in 1995's Batman Forever.

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