All 12 Hazbin Hotel Characters Who Appear In Helluva Boss

All 12 Hazbin Hotel Characters Who Appear In Helluva Boss
Image credit: Amazon Prime Video

The already iconic animated series Hazbin Hotel, created by the extremely talented Vivienne Medrano, became a cult favorite the moment its pilot premiered on the creator's YouTube channel in 2019.

And now, as the Helluva Boss spinoff awaits its third season premiere, fans are sure that the beloved animated universe is here to stay.

Here's every Hazbin Hotel character who appears in Helluva Boss:

The first season of Hazbin Hotel, which finally debuted this January after a nearly four-year wait since the pilot premiered, has already become Amazon Prime's most popular animated show, with the first episode alone garnering more than 100 million views on YouTube.

It's clear that Medrano will continue to develop her characters and the overarching story, and given how beloved the Lords of Hell have already become, the fans are all for it.

From Blitzo to Moxxie, the spin-off featured a lot of familiar faces. It was wonderful to see that Medrano did not include characters from Hazbin Hotel in Helluva Boss just to please the fans and increase the level of hype, as each and every one of them affected the story in one way or another, making the spin-off feel original, yet embedded in the franchise.

Here's the list of all the Hazbin Hotel characters' cameos mentioned here: Blitzo, Moxxie, Fizz / Robo Fizz, Angel Dust, Sir Pentious, Charlie Morningstar, Katie Killjoy, Lucifer Morningstar, Cherri Bomb, Rosie, Camilla Carmine.