Andor Fans Call for More Screen Time for Mon Mothma

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Mon Mothma was one of the most important members of the Rebel Alliance but has, until now, had relatively little screen time in any movie or series set in the Star Wars universe.

Andor is changing that and adding context and nuance to the life of the senator turned rebel. And fans are loving it!

Appearing just briefly in the films, only die-hard Star Wars fans really know anything about how Mon Mothma got to where she ended up.

And her story makes a great parallel when compared with that of Cassian Andor. Cassian, of course, was the sort of man that should have been at the forefront of the rebellion. Yes, I know the whole point of the series is that we see him evolve, but he represents the downtrodden.

Mon Mothma, on the other hand, begins the series at the heart of the empire. We get to see her in the life to which she was accustomed. And we start to realize just what she put on the line to support the rebellion.

I'm not only talking about her status and wealth. Most of her previous appearances have seen her holed up in a bunker or otherwise behind the scenes and away from the frontline. So, you'd be forgiven for thinking she wasn't taking much of a risk.

Now, though, we're seeing her steeped in the empire and yet reaching outside to support the growing rebellion. The Mon Mothma we see in Andor is a three-dimensional character with responsibilities, loyalties, and dilemmas. She is no longer a character in somebody else's story. We're seeing her as what she is – a good woman battling to stop the evil around her. Evil that she herself is part of.

What we're witnessing here is the blurring of lines and proof that no evil regime is made up only of bad characters. We're seeing that change comes from both from within and without. And that ultimately, we all have to make big decisions and take risks.

And, yes, this is a fictional character in a made-up world, but Andor is a story that resonates with real life.

So, it's no surprise that fans want more of Mon Mothma. You might even ask why she has always been so detached from storylines in the past. But one thing's for sure – the story of one of the most influential women in Star Wars is finally being given the attention it deserves.

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