'Andor' Makes Space Strippers Canon in 'Star Wars'

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Talk about new milestones for the universe, huh?

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'Andor'

The newly-released 'Star Wars' show 'Andor' appears to be a lot more mature than its peers – and it's not only better storytelling and the darker atmosphere we are talking about here.

In the very first 10 minutes of episode 1, 'Andor' established that there are sex workers in the Star Wars universe – and their trade is portrayed pretty explicitly (although it remains within the PG-13 rating) in the show. This is not just an interesting addition to the universe, but actually a big milestone for the entire franchise.

'Andor' essentially marks the first time in 45 years of all on-screen 'Star Wars' media when the concept of premarital sex was even hinted at, let alone demonstrated openly by introducing actual space strippers. With that now canon, 'Andor' remains family-appropriate, even though the show kicks off with a mixture of sex and murder.

People have already praised the show for being "groundbreaking" in that sense, even though some fans feel uncomfortable about the Star Wars universe even addressing anything sexual. For many people, the franchise has been about something totally different, from space travel to epic battles with lightsabers, but not strip clubs and sex workers.

Besides, along with strip clubs, some swearwords also appear to be a part of the canon now, deepening 'Andor's difference from other Star Wars shows.

The 'Rogue One' prequel drags viewers into a dark and mature world from the very beginning, and it looks like the atmosphere is going to remain just like that, whether people like it or not. The thing is, up to this point fans are largely fond of 'Andor' and how it adds up to the Star Wars universe. The show has been praised for "intelligent" storytelling and great actors' performances, as well as the insight into how the rebellion in the Empire even formed in the first place.

The first three episodes premiered on September 21, with new ones to be released weekly all the way through November 23.

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