Arcane Season 2 Delay Finally Explained & What To Expect Next

Arcane Season 2 Delay Finally Explained & What To Expect Next
Image credit: Netflix

The second season of the acclaimed animated series will be delayed, but all for a good cause.

The series adaptation of League of Legends was one of the biggest animated events of 2021 year.

Netflix 's Arcane was renewed for a second season right after the end of the first one, while viewers and critical reviews have been impeccable since its release.

Riot Games will not be able to release the second season of the Arcane animated series before the end of 2023. This was announced by the head of the studio, Nicolo Laurent, in an interview on the bilibili platform.

According to the CEO of Riot Games, the company initially had doubts about the success of the first season, so it did not start production of the sequel before the premiere.

In addition, the authors of the series pay great attention to the quality of the show and are not in a hurry with the release. As a result, only three episodes of the second season have been completed.

"I just watched the third episode of Season 2, before my flight to China. We're making progress on it. It's not ready yet. There are two reasons for that, you want the quality, we just don't want to rush, and so that takes time, and that's a good reason," Laurent said.

In the announcement for the second season of Arcane you can hear the voices of actresses Hailee Steinfeld, Ella Purnell and Katie Leung.

This directly indicates that their characters will appear in the new episodes – the sisters Vi and Jinx and the peacemaker from Piltover, Caitlyn.

According to the plot, their appearance is the most logical: in the first season of Arcane, the conflict between Vi and Jinx was not resolved.

The first season contained several plot elements that were not revealed all at once, and the final episode, The Monster You Created, left more questions than answers.

As a result, the plot of the second season may go in several directions at once. At the end of Episode 9, Jinx uses a Hextech Crystal to upgrade her weapon and shoots at Piltover.

Along with Vi and Caitlyn, onlookers watch as her missile hits the Piltover Council. By this time, most of the Arcane characters are there – Jayce, Viktor, Mel, and other members of the Council.

According to League of Legends canon, Jayce and Viktor must survive the attack. These characters exist in LoL in the form of champions, which are playable characters.

They are also shown in the show at the beginning of their journey, far from their "final form" in the game.

The survival of other politicians is in question, which means that someone will have to make important decisions about the fate of Piltover almost alone.