Attack on Titan Hidden Detail Makes Finale Even More Heart-Wrenching

Attack on Titan Hidden Detail Makes Finale Even More Heart-Wrenching
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Thought Attack on Titan couldn't break your heart once more? Think again.


  • Attack on Titan manga creator Hajime Isayama is known for his attention to detail, and the final episode included one of his famous Easter eggs.
  • The hidden detail that many viewers didn't even notice is that the pregnant woman Eren saw in the Marley harbor was the same woman who died saving her child in the finale.

Attack on Titan became a global hit in large part because of its complex, somewhat provocative approach to plot construction and character development. The author of the original manga, Hajime Isayama, remained true to himself to the very end.

How Did Attack on Titan End?

The story ends with a grandiose battle for the fate of humanity, but does not provide a clear answer to the main questions that the characters and the audience have been asking themselves. Did they do the right thing? Could it all have been done with less bloodshed? Did they even have a choice?

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In a decisive battle, Eren questions the very idea of free will. He tries to examine how predetermined the future is and whether it can be changed, for better or worse. The mangaka did not give the readers easy and comfortable answers, so the ending caused a lot of controversy and even dissatisfaction among the fans.

The final two episodes, each an hour long, encapsulate everything that made us love Attack on Titan. This is a spectacle of incredible proportions, filled with both large-scale action and tear-jerking drama – many of the finale's most powerful scenes show ordinary people caught under the heel of an inevitable catastrophe.

Heartbreaking Hidden AoT Detail You Didn’t Notice

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And if you think there's no room left for the already familiar to all fans plot twists, think again – the anime will find something to surprise viewers until the very last second. All Attack on Titan fans know that Isayama pays great attention to detail, and one of those twists only became clear at the very end of the last episode.

In a scene in the last season, Eren walks through the harbor of Marley, sees a pregnant woman, and begins to cry. Such an emotional outburst was unusual for the usually cold and emotionless Eren, and left many fans confused. At the time, the audience believed that this reaction was the result of Eren thinking about his dead mother.

But in the last episode, this seemingly unremarkable story came full circle. We saw the same woman holding a small child. The crowd fled from the Rumbling, and the woman fell from the edge of the cliff, unable to withstand the pressure of thousands of people, but her child survived.

At that moment, the viewers realize that Eren's reaction was due to the fact that he saw this particular moment in the future and realized that it could not be avoided, and this child, like thousands if not millions of others, is doomed to grow up without parents, and it is all his fault.

Attack on Titan Is Known For Its Attention to Detail

It is this attention to small people in the gigantic scale of tragedy that makes the ending even more heartbreaking. Since its first season, Attack on Titan has stood out not only for its setting and action, but also for its compelling story. With each episode, viewers were shown more and more Chekhov's guns, and were intrigued by casually thrown words.

Therefore, it is nice to see that the authors did not break this tradition in the last episode. Every twist and turn of the plot is not for the sake of being a surprise to the viewer – it is justified in the context of the universe of the title.

At its core, Attack on Titan is a very simple story, the essence of which can be summed up in a few sentences. To tell it in such an exciting way and not lose the viewer's interest after so many years requires great talent, which the manga's creator, Hajime Isayama, clearly possesses.