Bet You Didn't Know: These 20 Hits Are Actually Classic Lit Adaptations

Bet You Didn't Know: These 20 Hits Are Actually Classic Lit Adaptations
Image credit: Legion-Media

When a major Hollywood studio makes a movie out of a book, everyone usually knows about it. After all, the producers are counting on the book's fans to check out the movie and create a movie with their preferences in mind. However, when it comes to classic works of literature, Hollywood can be a bit more shy.

Often, directors and writers decide to use a classic book as inspiration for their movies and rarely talk about it publicly, leaving fans surprised when they find out about the source material.

Here are 20 movies and TV shows you didn't know were based on classic books:

As you've probably noticed, all of the projects mentioned above changed the titles of the original classic works, making it very difficult for the general public to identify the source material.

And it's not that the producers didn't have the right to do so - after all, their movies simply used the works as inspiration, creating the original characters and plots instead of mindlessly adapting the books.

In this respect, the above films are not really adaptations, but reimaginings of classic literature. And note that all of the above movies are great, which is something that many more traditional adaptations cannot say.

Maybe Hollywood should start treating books as sources of inspiration, not as blueprints for a screenplay.