Billions Star Was Surprised By Season 7 Finale's 'Biggest Twist'

Billions Star Was Surprised By Season 7 Finale's 'Biggest Twist'
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One of TV's biggest hits didn't end the way anyone expected.


  • Throughout all seven seasons, Billions showed viewers a fierce battle between Axelrod and Rhoades, who were willing to do anything to win.
  • However, the show got an unexpected happy ending that surprised not only the fans but also the actors themselves.
  • Paul Giamatti admitted that he was amazed that the show didn't end in a huge bloodbath.

When Billions premiered on Showtime in January 2016, no one probably thought it would end up being America's hottest TV show. After all, what is so special about the story of the relationship between eccentric billionaires and politicians?

But in 2017, the Showtime project has suddenly become one of the most poignant modern series.

Billions Was Always About Fighting to Win

Axelrod is not an ordinary billionaire. He is not the Wolf of Wall Street: he has little interest in sex, he does not take drugs, he is a faithful husband and a good father. However, his company does not make money entirely honestly, and besides, Axelrod keeps secret the true source of the initial capital that allowed him to create his fund.

His opponent, Rhoades, is a careerist with principles who imprisons his father's former friend. But principles are good as long as they help achieve the main goal – career advancement, and when it turns out that this goal cannot be achieved in an honest way, the Chuck is faced with a difficult choice.

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There is obviously a bad person, but it is impossible to put him on trial. Does this mean that you can imprison him by deception?

The whole show is made up of such moral dilemmas. Two unpleasant, but in some ways very understandable, people do everything they can to destroy each other. You don't feel sorry for anyone or anything, you can sacrifice everything – money, family, friends, conscience. The main thing is to win.

Billions Changed Course Just Before The Finale

The show has been on this path all along. Well, almost all the time. The finale, unexpectedly for both the fans and (as it turned out for the actors), changed course and ended with a happy ending, in the best tradition of a family sitcom.

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Paul Giamatti, who played Rhoades, admitted that such an ending was the most unexpected twist for him:

“I think we all thought it was gonna be this bloodbath of everybody. Then we got this thing that was actually very measured and kind of sweet in some ways at the very end. So, it was almost like the biggest twist in that thing was that it didn't end up in a huge bloodbath.”

Although some fans were disappointed by the sudden change in the show's tone, most accepted the ending with gratitude. As Gaumatti himself admitted, such a storyline move was made for loyal viewers.

Most of the lines were finished, and the writers weren't too lazy to tell us who was going to do what next (as is often the case). Bryan Connerty, Chef Ryan, Bach, Hall – everyone got just enough screen time for us to understand their future fate.

Source: Collider