Blue Bloods’ Donnie Wahlberg Devastates Fans with On-Set Pictures

Blue Bloods’ Donnie Wahlberg Devastates Fans with On-Set Pictures
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Our favorite Danny Reagan is back at it again, making our hearts bleed.


  • As announced in November 2023, Blue Bloods will end after the upcoming Season 14.
  • The show’s fans and cast alike are not ready to let Blue Bloods go as it’s become an important part of many lives.
  • Donnie Wahlberg had fans teary-eyed with his recent selfie with the Blue Bloods cast from a family dinner filming.

The last three months haven’t been exactly fun for Blue Bloods fans ever since in November 2023, CBS announced the show’s cancellation. The current Season 14 will be the grand finale of the fourteen-year-long run, and fans aren’t exactly happy about it. To be Frank, the Blue Bloods actors aren’t making the situation any easier on them, either, with heart-wrenching pictures from the set and whatnot.

Blue Bloods Stars Don’t Want to Let the Show Go

Fans are not the only ones eager to keep the show rolling: Tom Selleck, the on-screen and off-screen patriarch of Blue Bloods, also doesn’t want to lose and is trying his best to change CBS execs’ mind. However weird Season 14 has been so far, the Blue Bloods stars are with the fans on the #SaveBlueBloods hill.

Thanks to the warm atmosphere on the set and the iconic family dinners (which Selleck didn’t like at first), the cast and crew of Blue Bloods feel like a real family: Donnie Wahlberg has already revealed the true heartbreak of the cancellation, and we’ve seen the confirmation of his words in the cast’s heartwarming relationship.

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But Donnie’s back at it again, making fans feel bittersweet with his Instagram posts.

Donnie Wahlberg Breaks Fans’ Hearts — Again

Despite the upcoming — and seemingly inevitable — cancellation, for now, life goes on as usual on the Blue Bloods set. The cast and crew are working on the new episodes, and the actors are gathering for the Reagan family dinners. The latter has always been the signature of the series and the most nostalgic point for everyone.

“About to sit down with the family for dinner! Who’s hungry for more Blue Bloods?” Donnie Wahlberg wrote under his recent family dinner selfie with the cast.

Of course, this post was destined to sadden many fans: it once again reminded them about the show’s fast-approaching finale. In the comment section, fans admit they don’t know how they’re going to fare with their stress without Blue Bloods on Fridays, or express hopes that, against all odds, the show will somehow survive the CBS ax.

Thanks, Donnie, you did it again.

Source: Donnie Wahlberg via Instagram