Casting Robert Pattinson Was, In Fact, Twilight's Biggest Mistake

Casting Robert Pattinson Was, In Fact, Twilight's Biggest Mistake
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Sometimes, you have haters even if you are an ultimate 2010s crush.

It's been 14 years of the Twilight movies saga, but it turns out that even after all this time, many people have not grown to love Robert Pattinson 's casting as Edward Cullen.

Back at the time when Twilight was making it to screens, Pattinsons was freshly out of Harry Potter where he portrayed Cedric Diggory. And even though fans enjoyed him as a Hufflepuff Triwizard cup champion, there was quite a backlash when Robert was officially confirmed to be playing Edward Cullen.

The actor himself admitted in 2008 that fans hated the casting decision, even launching a petition to have "anyone else" playing Edward. But 14 years later, some Twilight fans are still not over the movies having Pattinson portraying the iconic vampire.

"I thought he was a great Cedric, but I always pictured Edward more boyish. His features never seemed to fit for me," Redditor Jerry_Potters said of Pattinson's portrayal of Edward.

It's not so much about fans hating Pattinson specifically, rather about them thinking that he was not the most perfect choice for this particular character.

"Rob Pattinson was all wrong for Edward. I've gotten used to him now but when they first announced who was cast I was disappointed, since Edward was my favorite character and I didn't think [Robert] was cool enough or handsome enough to play book Edward," Redditor bananapineapplesauce added.

Besides, the way Pattinson grilled the Twilight saga after his contract ended (and sometimes even during the promotion) did not make fans more fond of him as Edward.

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No matter whether you loved or hated Pattinson in the role, he and other Twilight actors quickly rose to fame after being a part of the movie franchise. The first movie was released in theaters in 2008, with Breaking Dawn Part 2 concluding the saga in 2012.