Chicago Fire’s Matt Casey Deserves a Proper Sendoff (This Time Around)

Chicago Fire’s Matt Casey Deserves a Proper Sendoff (This Time Around)
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NBC better put an end to his suffering.


  • Chicago Fire is an NBC procedural drama that is part of the One Chicago TV universe.
  • Matt Casey, the show's original character portrayed by Jesse Spencer, made his comeback for season 12.
  • Fans believe that he will leave the show for good after the departure of Kara Killmer's Sylvie Brett and hope for a happy ending for both of them.

Everyone gets hurt in procedural dramas, it's no secret. When the savvy TV viewer is introduced to a new character, or even a whole new show, he or she makes a bet on who's going to get killed off and who's going to suffer what kind of trauma. No matter what team the show revolves around, there are plenty of ways to give everyone a hard time.

However, while some characters suffer very realistic losses and battle the same demons that every single viewer has faced in their own lives, others are just plain tortured by the writers. And, as usual, the more important the character is to the plot, the more they have to endure.

Chicago Fire's Matt Casey can easily compete with Law & Order: SVU's Olivia Benson and Grey's Anatomy's Meredith Grey. As a result, viewers were almost happy to let him go, no matter how beloved he was.

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Now that he's back, people are praying that he won't get any more bad luck.

What Happened To Chicago Fire’s Matt Casey?

At the end of season 10 of the show, Matt Casey was forced to move back to Oregon to help Ben and Griffin until the latter turns 18 and goes to college in Chicago. He takes a job with the Portland Fire Department, leaving Chicago behind, as well as his girlfriend Sylvie Brett, who is struggling with a long-distance relationship.

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The breakup with Brett wasn't the only rough patch in Casey's life. Starting in childhood, he suffered abuse from his father until his mother killed him. He lost his best friend and saw someone murdered in front of him. He felt like a failure when he lost a member of his team under his command and was never very confident in his leadership.

Casey's love life only added to the struggle he was going through. His relationship with Gabriela Dawson was a complete mess from start to finish and ended with him completely heartbroken and with little to no explanation. This leads back to Sylvie Brett, a woman who made his life better, but who he had to sacrifice.

Now that Matt Casey is back as a recurring character for season 12, everyone knows he is there for one purpose: to give Kara Kilmer a proper exit from the show.

After accepting Casey's proposal, Brett is ready to start a new chapter in her life, and fans can only hope that the show doesn't throw any more obstacles in their way.

With just about everyone else struggling in one way or another, from Stella and Severide's unstable relationship to Herrmann's new injury, Chicago Fire viewers are begging for at least one good thing to happen this season. After all, no one deserves a proper sendoff more than Matt and Sylvie.

To see how their romance plays out and hopefully witness the wedding we've all been waiting for, tune in to NBC every Wednesday for new episodes of Chicago Fire season 12.