Chris Evans' Psycho Killer Mustache Outshines Ryan Gosling In 'The Gray Man' Trailer

Chris Evans' Psycho Killer Mustache Outshines Ryan Gosling In 'The Gray Man' Trailer
Image credit: Netflix

Netflix has just released the first look for its highly anticipated action movie, but it looks like Chris Evans' facial hair has completely overshadowed every other element shown in the trailer.

'The Gray Man' directed by 'Avengers' Russo brothers is marketed as of the streaming giant's biggest releases of the year, and it's not hard to see why. Fans will finally see the return of Ryan Gosling after his sabbatical from acting, and with Chris Evans and Ana de Armas complementing the cast, there's little that can go wrong. The action scenes shown in the trailer are vivid and inventive, and with Russo at the helm, fans are quite confident about the upcoming summer blockbuster.

However, even after all the press material released by Netflix in advance of the trailer's premiere, fans are still not done discussing Evans' bizarre mustache. Evans will play the film's main villain, chasing Gosling's character across Europe, and the facial hair in question should complement his character's erratic and psychopathic behavior.

But not all fans get it, trolling the Russo brothers and the film's creative team for allowing that mustache to actually happen.

Others are not so harsh, expressing their love for the star's unexpected new image.

With Evans' mustache finally appearing in all its glory, many fans are urging the actor not to shave it off, suggesting several characters he could play in his new look.

All kidding aside, fans are actually happy with the trailer, expressing their surprise that Netflix is finally releasing movies worthy of showing in real theaters.

'The Gray Man' will be released in select cinemas on July 15 and on Netflix on July 22.