Crystal Reed's Reaction to Allison's Comeback in Teen Wolf Movie is Just Precious

Crystal Reed's Reaction to Allison's Comeback in Teen Wolf Movie is Just Precious
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It's pretty much impossible not to love her.

For three seasons straight Crystal Reed's fierce and loyal character was one of the central elements of the show; Allison's death hit fans the hardest, although it's been known for a while that the actress decided to leave Teen Wolf to pursue other career options. The last Crystal's episode, Maid of Gévaudan, aired in 2016, and for years it seemed that that's the last Teen Wolf fans ever heard of Allison. Even when some former stars of the show returned to film the last ever episode, Crystal Reed was absent. No wonder fans were on cloud nine when it was reported that the actress, alongside her former colleagues, agreed to return in Paramount's Teen Wolf: The Movie.

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Turns out, Crystal Reed's reaction was just as strong and just as precious. According to Jeff Davis, who shared some behind-the-scenes anecdotes during San Diego Comic-Con 2022, the actress literally "burst into tears" when Davis texted her asking if she would like to join the cast and bring Allison back for the movie.

Jeff Davis was very vocal about his desire to bring Allison back if there ever was another shot at Teen Wolf:

"I always said if I was going to do a movie, one of the characters I would bring back is Allison," Teen Wolf creator said.

Thanks to the first trailer, released back in July, we already know that Allison coming back to life and Scott finding out about it (and not in a fun way, judging by that menacing look on Allison's face) is going to be one of the most dramatic moments of the Teen Wolf movie. Or, as Tyler Posey himself put it, "it f***g rocks his world, dude."

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Speaking of Scott and Allison's reunion, Posey, having joined Jeff Davis at SDCC, spoke very fondly of his former colleague, saying just how grateful he was for the opportunity to get to know this new, all-grown-up, Crystal, who he apparently haven't talked to in years.

"Being able to work with her again just brought everything back. It was just perfect. It was exactly what we wanted as a show. We wanted to be there with each other from the very beginning. So getting to work with her again was awesome," he began. "We've grown up since we really hung out with each other and so finding out that our interests are similar and just getting to know her again as a person was just awesome."