Deleted Prisoner of Azkaban Scene Once Again Proves Neville Would Blow It as Chosen One

Deleted Prisoner of Azkaban Scene Once Again Proves Neville Would Blow It as Chosen One
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Nevill Longbottom's transformation throughout the Harry Potter movies is 'rags to riches' but in terms of being hot and heroic. But if he was the Chosen One, he totally wouldn't have lived to his triumph — and this deleted scene confirms it.

In the earliest movies, Nevill is a clumsy and shy boy who's only known for forgetting everything and messing up on every step.

In his latest scenes, he looks like he could take on Voldemort head-on and punch his Killing Curse back into his throat with his bare fists — all while being cheered up by the enamored Hogwarts girls.

This unexpected transformation only happened because the actor (Matthew Lewis) grew up and turned out to be way too handsome.

The writers even had to include a brief scene with "Merlin's beard Nevill, have you been pumping iron or something" when the Golden Trio first saw the guy after the Horcrux hunt — just to give the audience the time to realize the heartthrob on the screen was good old Nev!

But the truth is, Nevill only got the chance to blossom because he wasn't the Chosen One.

Otherwise, he just would not have lived long enough for that to happen — the guy would've got himself killed in the first chapter, that's for sure. We have proof, too.

Among the other deleted Harry Potter that didn't make it into the final cuts of the movies, there's a particular bit from The Prisoner of Azkaban that shows just how useless Nevill used to be when he was younger.

In this scene, Professor McGonagall learns how Sirius Black managed to make it into the Gryffinndor's tower.

As it turns out, the all-forgetting Nevill wrote down all the passwords and then lost his list.

This wouldn't have been this big of an issue, but he did it during the time everyone knew there was an insane Death Eater on the loose!

Considering the circumstances, he definitely could've paid more attention to such things.If that good old clumsy Nevill was up against Voldemort since the beginning…

Let's just say, the Wizarding World would've been doomed.

Oh, and the Chosen One would've been lost for good early on after stumbling on the stairs down to the Philosopher's Stone or something along those lines.