Did 'Ms. Marvel' Episode 2 Just Confirmed The Origin Of Kamala's Powers?

Did 'Ms. Marvel' Episode 2 Just Confirmed The Origin Of Kamala's Powers?
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The Disney+ series is already beloved by millions of Marvel fans around the world, but Kamala Khan's powers in the series have actually been greatly altered from the original comics.

Kamala Khan was first introduced in 2013, and her superpower to morph her body into a huge variety of shapes and sizes, including making her fists very large to fight her adult opponents on equal footing, instantly made her a fan favorite among avid Marvel readers. But, as fans of the superheroine soon found out, her abilities have changed dramatically in the series – Kamala is now able to manifest glowing solid light objects out of thin air. Yes, quite a significant change. But what is the reason for it?

The fact is that in the original Marvel Comics, Kamala gets her powers from Terrigan Mists, which ultimately makes her an Inhuman, a member of a super-powered breed of people, not yet represented in the MCU. This may have caused the 'Ms. Marvel' creative team to change her abilities to something more understandable to a wider audience. Series explains that Kamala gained her abilities through a mysterious bangle not the Terrigan Mists, which really retcons her whole origin story. Or does it?

In episode 2, fans were able to spot an interesting hint further explaining Kamala's abilities: one of the characters noted that her superhuman powers come from herself, not from the bracelet. So does the line "The powers aren't coming from the bangle it's coming from within you" actually confirm Kamala is Inhuman?

Is it really possible that Feige and Co. will introduce Inhumans into the Disney+ series? Some fans think it's just wishful thinking, but many still hope that the MCU will feature this superhuman team that is too often overlooked.

"That would be crazy for them to be backing into an Inhumans reintroduction, but this would be a great way to do it. Honor her comics heritage, but update her powers to be based on an item that reacts to Inhuman DNA." – /ComebackShane.