Disney’s Most Evil Villain Is The One You Have Never Seen On Screen

Disney’s Most Evil Villain Is The One You Have Never Seen On Screen
Image credit: Walt Disney Productions

Being scared of someone you have never seen can be the worst nightmare.


  • Bambi has the most terrifying villain of all ever created by Disney
  • The “man” who killed Bambi’s mother was never shown in the movie.
  • Traumatized viewers will never forgive him for getting away with this brutal murder.

For many decades, Disney created the perfect fictional universes for children and adults around the world. It had it all: princesses and princes, magical fairies, candy castles, and talking animals. But Disney also brought to life some of the most villainous characters of all time.

Even though they are part of the animated world, we still get chills when we hear about Cruella DeVille or the Evil Queen. But apparently the most terrifying Disney villain is the one we never saw on the screen, but who brought so much pain to the main character of one of the movies and to the viewers that it can definitely be called the saddest Disney movie ever.

For those who didn't get it yet, we're talking about the "man" from Bambi, the very one who killed the mother of the little baby deer and left him alone in the whole world. Since the release of the cartoon in 1942, no one has been created in the Disney universe that could top the evil that this man did.

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There were many villains in the other movies, but the thing is, they always got what they deserved in the end. Goodness always prevailed and evil was defeated. And even though Bambi ends on a high note, there's nothing that can be done in the story to lessen the trauma that Bambi got from the brutal murder of the creature that was the whole world to him.

The fact that he's not even given a name, and there's no picture of him in the movie, only adds to the drama by suggesting that it could have been anyone. The animated film has a strong message against cruelty to animals, and the hunt itself is portrayed as something not worth existing because it only brings harm.

Bambi's villain left viewers forever traumatized because it made it clear that "man" can come from anywhere and hurt you, and what's worse, he won't even be punished.