Done With Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown Reveals Her Dream Career

Done With Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown Reveals Her Dream Career
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Working on her debut novel, Nineteen Steps, the Eleven actress realized that she could definitely see herself doing an entirely different — and quite surprising! — job.

Millie Bobby Brown, the star of Stranger Things, announced her upcoming leave from the show quite a few times by now and got the fans wondering about her future career. Well, Eleven or not, we’re sure that Brown won’t find herself lacking employment any time soon, considering her acting talents and current track record.

However, the actress doesn’t only chase on-screen performances: recently, she released her debut novel, Nineteen Steps. It was based on her grandmother’s stories about World War II and of the old times that she loved and wanted to commemorate forever by writing a book after her Gran’s tales.

I was with her for a lot of my childhood by choice. I love my parents but they are not as interesting as her!

“When she passed away, I really wanted to capture her stories. As a child, I recorded her and as we went back through those recordings, we thought there would be room for a narrative about her life. My nan would talk a lot about the war,” Brown shared with Radio 4.

When working on Nineteen Steps, Millie Bobby Brown had more than enough time to reflect on her memories of her grandmother’s tales, the experiences of older people, and the unique opportunities to learn about the matters of the past that most people ignore. That’s when she realized there was another career she could enjoy.

“A huge passion of mine, if I had not taken the route I have taken, would have been to work in a care home. I love the history of older people and the stories they do tell, even if they are completely made up, which sometimes they are! But I hope after reading [Nineteen Steps] you go and talk to your grandparents or your parents and learn about your family history,” the actress explained.

After this experience, Millie Bobby Brown hopes to become a volunteer in a care home and make up for the wonderful career she never thought she’d aspire to.

It might sound weird coming from a high-paid actress, but the heartwarming story behind Nineteen Steps and the fact that Brown wrote it makes us think she’s more than genuine about it.

Source: Radio 4 via Daily Mail UK