Elsbeth’s Biggest Problem? It Fails to Exist Without The Good Wife

Elsbeth’s Biggest Problem? It Fails to Exist Without The Good Wife
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They will have to go deeper than that.


  • Elsbeth is a CBS new procedural following the quirky attorney Elsbeth on her day-to-day working life.
  • Although the show is a spinoff to The Good Wife and The Good Fight, it can be viewed as a standalone mystery crime drama.
  • The only issue that viewers tend to notice is the lack of main character introduction.

One of the most important things in any TV show is its main characters, and when the story is designed to follow only one person, the stakes are even higher for them. With an ensemble cast, viewers are much more forgiving of some narrative holes, but when the entire plot revolves around a single poorly written character, the problems begin.

While some of the Elsbeth viewers have already met the titular character, the show has attracted many new viewers looking for a lighthearted yet intriguing setup. However, these new Elsbeth fans have struggled to understand Elsbeth's personality.

Is Elsbeth a Spinoff?

As a spinoff of two previously released TV shows, Elsbeth's premise relies heavily on information that viewers have already been given. Although Elsbeth Tascioni has always been a secondary character, her quirky and sweet personality has charmed enough viewers to create an entire spinoff to get to know her better.

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And so far, the biggest problem fans have with this spinoff is that they still can't figure out exactly who Elsbeth is.

Of course, this is not the fault of the actress who brings Elsbeth to life, Carrie Preston. If anything, her brilliant portrayal and deep understanding of the character is what keeps many people watching despite the repetitive episode formula and lack of main character introduction.

The only thing viewers want is to know Elsbeth as well as Preston does. So far, however, the information we have been given about her has been very limited. Coming from Peoria, Illinois, she has already been married and divorced. Despite the divorce, she's doing quite well both emotionally and financially, though she struggles to see herself as a rich person.

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Considering that 6 episodes have already been released, there's not a lot of material to work with. And while some may find something relatable in the way Elsbeth acts or thinks, others may already feel too lost.

Will There Be Elsbeth Season 2?

Fortunately for viewers who want to get to know Elsbeth, the show has been renewed for a second season. So there is a chance that it will take a turn from its current formula and add depth to Elsbeth's character. Whether that will be something haunting from her past or a current struggle, we'll have to wait and see.

Until then, be sure to tune in to Elsbeth season 1 every Thursday on CBS to make sure you never miss an episode.