Even Wednesday Cast Thinks This Fan Theory Makes More Sense Than Anything

Even Wednesday Cast Thinks This Fan Theory Makes More Sense Than Anything
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It's one thing when the entire subreddit desperately wants a fan theory to be true. But it hits different when the actual actors also agree with it!

It's almost Nevermore season again, so we don't know about you, but we are definitely binge-watching the first season of Wednesday once again very soon. Even though the second season was greenlit almost immediately after the first chapter's success, it's still in the works a year later, currently on halt due to the ongoing strikes.

But the long wait has never stopped the fandom from theorizing; in fact, some of the best theories only steep and blossom thanks to that. For instance, one particular fan theory has even reached the cast of Wednesday — and received their full support!

The theory in question stipulates that Principal Weems, portrayed in the series by Gwendoline Christie, may not be dead, even though the season finale pretty much hinted at that.

Attacked by Christina Ricci's Marilyn Thornhill, Weems is seen falling on the ground, seemingly deceased, but we all know that she's a shapeshifter, capable of altering her body. Therefore, she could have done something to protect herself from a potentially deadly attack; besides, we never saw her funeral.

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Wednesday actress Joy Sunday even noted that the light didn't fade from Weems' eyes, so to say; so there's a huge chance she might be alive. The fan theory implies that Weems may have impersonated Lurch, the Addams family butler and driver.

Didn't we see his eyes suspiciously changing color in the season finale? Yes we did!

When sharing their opinion on various fan theories for Netflix 's TUDUM, Joy Sunday, Emma Myers, Hunter Doohan, and Jenna Ortega all said that this particular theory makes a lot of sense.

And while the actors were quick to note that the plot details of the upcoming second season are not known even to them, their support of this theory certainly gives us hope!

Please, Netflix, we just want more Gwendoline Christie in Wednesday season 2. Is it really too much to ask?

Source: Wednesday Addams on X (formerly Twitter)