Everything Mike Wheeler Did Wrong in Every Season of 'Stranger Things'

Everything Mike Wheeler Did Wrong in Every Season of 'Stranger Things'
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Just why do people suddenly hate him? Looks like there is an answer after all.

After the premiere of 'Stranger Things 4', one of the show's main characters, Mike Wheeler, has suddenly faced waves of criticism — even from people who used to wholeheartedly root for him over the three previous seasons.

What changed? In season 4, Mike has been accused of ignoring his best friends' feelings and only focusing on Eleven. But even with his girlfriend, Mike was bad when it came to actually communicating his own feelings and emotions. However, it's not only about Mike's failures in season 4.

It turns out that throughout the entire show, Mike has given enough reasons to dislike him. For instance, in season 1, he would always fight Lucas over Eleven — even though some people argue that it was Lucas who started the mess.

In season 2, Mike was perhaps the most hostile person towards Max — a newcomer to the Hawkins gang who could clearly use some friendliness. Later in season 3, according to fans, Mike treated Dustin, Max, Will, and El even worse; remember the scene when Max and El even teamed up and went to a mall just to get revenge on him?

Aside from completely ignoring Will's emotional monologue in season 4 (seriously, how could he not have seen those tears?), Mike also chose the Hellfire Club meeting over Lucas' basketball game — something that many fans also deemed wrong.

"He chose Hellfire, a club he'd only been a part of for less than a year, over going to Lucas's basketball game that he was really excited about and was begging for him (and Dustin) to go to. He basically chose Hellfire and DnD over their friendship." - @mikeswillvoice

However, this all does not necessarily make him a bad person. After all, Mike still tries to admit his guilt when he feels it, and he is a good friend who is ready to do a lot for the people who are close to him. As a teenager, he sometimes faces painful choices, like those between his best friend and his girlfriend, but so far, he has tried his best to resolve all the issues as graciously as he could.

Season 5, however, has Mike and the rest of the Hawkins gang in the most vulnerable position. Aside from the obvious drama between him and Will, there is also a friend in a coma, and a powerful villain who is about to strike back as soon as he garners enough power.

The writing for the fifth and final season of 'Stranger Things' has already started, but the premiere date remains to be scheduled.