Fans' Idea for Young Sheldon S6 Finale Is Already Better Than Anything the Writers Can Come Up With

Fans' Idea for Young Sheldon S6 Finale Is Already Better Than Anything the Writers Can Come Up With
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If George Sr. has to die, make it count.

Young Sheldon is a unique show. What started out as a prequel about the childhood of nerdy, antisocial genius physicist Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory has evolved into a family sitcom with its own huge fanbase.

In addition to Sheldon's story, viewers also enjoy following the arcs of his mother and father, George Sr. and Mary, as well as his siblings, Missy and George Jr.

And because it's a prequel, they know where those arcs are going. Throughout The Big Bang Theory, the adult Sheldon repeatedly turned to his childhood and teenage memories to recall the events of the past, which is a future for the prequel.

Viewers even met the Cooper family of the future. And if Missy and George Jr. were not regular guests on the show, Mary appeared in many episodes, and George Sr. was often mentioned.

His tragic fate keeps Young Sheldon fans on the edge of their seats.

According to canon, Sheldon's father died at the age of 50, about 12-13 years before The Big Bang Theory began. And about a year before that, he cheated on Mary and was caught by Sheldon in the act.

Since the cheating accident happened when Sheldon was 13, exactly his age in the current 6th season, fans are increasingly worried that it is just around the corner and that George Sr.'s death will follow.

That's why, when asked on the sitcom's subreddit what the Season 6 finale would show, many theorized that the season would end with Sheldon walking in on George sleeping with neighbor Brenda Sparks or even George's death, both of which would be heartbreaking twists.

Fortunately, there was one idea that gave fans hope. Redditor u/Dictectivecomics2739 came up with a plot that could save the tragic finale:

"George Sr. dies, and George Jr. realizes how good his father was, and decides to marry Mandy and become a good father. He proposes to Mandy and Mandy's mom accepts. While Sheldon has come too far, he and Professor quit the database thing, and he lives a "normal" college life."

Such a bittersweet finale is a perfect mix of heartbreak and optimism. It would make the inevitable death of George Jr. meaningful and give hope for a better future to other members of the Cooper family.

The writers should definitely consider the fans' idea and probably end the show that way.