Fans Spotted a Thor Reference in 'She-Hulk' New Clip

Fans Spotted a Thor Reference in 'She-Hulk' New Clip
Image credit: Legion-Media

It looks like Hulk is not the only Avenger whose footprint is seen in the show.

In a new 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' clip, fans were quick to spot a certain object that just seemed way too familiar.

Eagle-eyed experts who were attentive enough when they watched 'Thor: Ragnarok' ruled that the new ship that was featured in the clip might be the one belonging to Grandmaster – the ruler of Sakaar, where Thor ended up battling Hulk.

As noted by the fan, we indeed never saw Hulk taking out his chip that Grandmaster injected into him, so there is a chance that the Sakaar ruler is going to make an appearance in 'She-Hulk' in order to demand something from Jennifer Walter's cousin.

Just like Thor, Hulk ended up being one of Grandmaster's champions fighting other contestants on the Sakaar arena for the entertainment of the ruler's guests. However, when Thor shared his fate and faced him in the arena, the two escaped Grandmaster's reign. They were not the only ones to do so: after they leave, an uprising is triggered and Grandmaster is finally overthrown by his people. These events were pictured in 'Thor: Ragnarok'.

It's unlikely that Thor himself will make an appearance (although one can hardly rule things out when it comes to Marvel). But what is likely is that Grandmaster might want to take revenge on Hulk for practically becoming the reason for his downfall.

Surely enough, Jennifer Walters won't be able to stay away from the conflict. There is less than a week for us to find out, with 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' premiering on Disney Plus on August 17.