Fans Wonder About Guardians Of The Galaxy's Future Following James Gunn's Cryptic Message

Fans Wonder About Guardians Of The Galaxy's Future Following James Gunn's Cryptic Message
Image credit: Legion-Media

Looks like James Gunn is cooking up something heartbreaking for his motley crew of space bandits for their third movie together. And fans are trying to find out what awaits their favorite characters.

James Gunn was responsible for two hugely successful 'Guardians of the Galaxy' movies, and is now putting the finishing touches on the third installment of the space opera. But it looks like after eight years of work on the franchise, the esteemed director is ready to call it a day.

In a recent Twitter post, Gunn touched on the possibility of his return as the director of new films for the MCU, stating that the upcoming film will be a swan song for both him and the superhero team. Which isn't all that surprising, given the director's recent comments about his departure from Marvel as well as Dave Bautista 's departure from his role as Drax after GoTG vol. 3.

Fans are very worried about the future of their favorite characters, trying to determine which of them will die in 'Guardians of the Galaxy 3 '. Of course, Drax is everyone's No. 1 choice, but Rocket (Bradley Cooper ) isn't far behind either. The beloved Raccoon has been a fan favorite over the years, so the decision to kill him could serve as the perfect tragic moment the franchise so desperately needs for the glorious finale these characters deserve.

Star-Lord himself (Chris Pratt ) is also a popular choice, given Pratt's busy schedule and huge paychecks. Perhaps Marvel is willing to let him go, and after Robert Downey Jr. 's departure, it won't surprise fans. But some fans believe that Star Lord will leave his team, appearing in other MCU projects as supporting character. It's a great way for Disney to cut costs, isn't it?

After Karen Gillan 's recent comments, Nebula may end up being one of the characters to die in the upcoming film. The fate of Gamora (Zoe Saldana) is also of great interest to fans, with many hoping that she will survive the events of the threequel and go on future adventures.

'Guardians of the Galaxy 3' will hit theatres on May 23, 2023.