'Fantastic Four' Leak Explained: Is John Krasinski Coming Back?

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The development of the upcoming MCU blockbuster is the most constant concern of Marvel fans today, with people wondering who might be the director and actors. And it looks like nothing is confirmed at this point.

After John Krasinski appeared as Reed Richards in 'Multiverse of Madness', fans were happy that this fan cast was finally a reality, anticipating a worthy role for the actor in 'Fantastic Four'. Some rumors were proving that Kevin Feige and his team were indeed planning to make Krasinski the canonical Mr. Fantastic, but a recent leak posted on 4chan (via Reddit) refutes that assumption, claiming that Krasinski will not be in the upcoming film, and that actor Penn Badgley has been approached to star Reed. In addition, it has been revealed that a director is still not hired, and Jason Segel will not play the role of The Thing.

Despite this unexpected turn of events, fans are fine with the MCU portraying the 'Fantastic Four' as a team of 30-year-olds, because this iteration could last much longer than the star-studded Krasinski-Seigel version. However, people are urging others not to jump to the conclusion that Krasinski will never appear in the MCU at all, citing one famous comic book storyline, 'The Council of Reeds', as proof.

"I'm not against Krasinski not coming back tbh. Marvel has a hard on for the multiverse right now so you know Feige will use The Council Of Reeds at some point. Now you have 3 familiar variants of Reed (Gruffudd, Teller, Krasinski) to use alongside the mainline MCU version." – /masongraves_.

Moreover, Miles Teller from the ill-fated 2015 'Fantastic Four' may appear in the MCU as an evil multiverse version of Mr. Fantastic in the future, and fans cite his storyline from that film as proof.

"At this point, it almost works perfectly as setup for Teller being the Maker. The Trank FF was militarized, Trank Reed already spent a good amount of time living off the grid as an outlaw during that film. If you're trying to introduce as character whose basic premise is "this is a Reed Richards that went down the wrong path," casting Miles Teller instantly tells us everything we need to know." – /cred_twos.

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