Feige Made the Same Mistake With Eternals The Rock Did With Black Adam

Feige Made the Same Mistake With Eternals The Rock Did With Black Adam
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Dwayne Johnson seems to have been taught a good lesson.

He was pushing hard with his Black Adam, which had been 15 years in the making, positioning it as something groundbreaking for DCU and failed. The result was abysmal. The movie showed very bad performance becoming a box office bomb.

Some now believe that Kevin Feige did the same to Eternals for Marvel Cinematic Universe. But did he?

MCU has some 30 films and it is only Eternals which was pelted with stones or rather tomatoes on Rotten Tomatoes. One could definitely have a weak movie but as redditors agree Feige and the MCU are experts at taking weak points of movies or just weak movies in general and still spinning something.

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One of the MCU fans says that they did exactly the that with Thor. They made Thor: The Dark World central to the plot of Endgame's Time Heist, which is a perfect example of how you can take something bad and rework it to fit it into a larger story.

At the same time they don't think that one should really compare The Rock with Kevin Feige because Eternals were introduced with a decent idea of how they would fit in later. The way Eternals were received is beside the point but "Feige pushing something is different to Dwayne Johnson pushing something," as one of the fans put it.

MCU fans argue that Eternals wasn't a terrible film. So how can one compare it with The Rock's flick! It was just very slow and this is what turned a lot of people off. However, the concept of the Celestials is otherwise great. One should not throw it out just because one movie got bad reviews, a lot of commenters agree.

One of the angriest comments in a Reddit thread suggests that "Black Adam was ruled by The Rock's ego, in that, he wanted to be the big star and some kind of badass hero".

In the end Dwayne Johnson made an extremely poor movie, which was a flop. In contrast, Eternals and the Celestial open a lot of other doors to connect stories, which is why it is so important for the MCU in general.

One of the MCU fans have summed it up pretty well.

"One of Kevin Feige's greatest strengths have been staying on course with the general plan. He's the one credited with all this connected cinematic universe working." The fan says that we should trust him as this could be part of the plan, instead of calling it "ego hijacking".