Friends’ Main Cast Went Off the Script to Troll Matthew Perry for His Mistake – And They Kept It

Friends’ Main Cast Went Off the Script to Troll Matthew Perry for His Mistake – And They Kept It
Image credit: NBC

Matthew Perry messed up his Donald Trump-related line, and the cast went off the rails to troll him for that — and thankfully, this scene made it into the final cut!

Even two decades after its finale, Friends still stands strong as one of the most iconic and popular sitcoms in the world. The phenomenal chemistry between characters and witty one-liners are one of the main reasons why the audience loves this show so much — and Friends had great writers, many lines were unscripted.

The main cast of Friends grew very close to their characters, and as the creators of the show pointed out numerous times, all six actors were perfect for their roles. The actors always knew what their characters would do or say, so they often picked at the suggested scripts to make sure every line would be perfectly in character.

At the same time, this close familiarity with their roles allowed the main cast actors to come up with incredible one-liners on the spot and deal with each other’s slips and mistakes in the most Friends way possible: by trolling each other. While some such scenes ended up as bloopers, others made it into the final cut and became part of the show.

One of the most well-known examples is Matthew Perry ’s Donald Trump line: the actor messed up and said “Donald Trump wants his blue blazer black” instead of “back,” and his co-stars immediately jumped at the opportunity to troll him. Even after Perry corrected himself, he had to deal with Aniston and Cox’s quips, including the fan-favorite “You messed up, you're stupid!” from the latter.

Since all five actors in this scene (save for Lisa Kudrow ) stayed in character, this potential blooper actually ended up being in the final cut — and fans loved it. Since the official Friends account posted the scene on YouTube one year ago, it has already collected over 216k views, which is not bad for a show that ended in 2004.

Check it out for yourselves for a good old hit of nostalgia!