From Inception to Kill Bill, 10 Action Prequels That Need to Happen

From Inception to Kill Bill, 10 Action Prequels That Need to Happen
Image credit: Legion-Media/globallookpress

If there's one thing that almost all movie fans agree on, it's that Hollywood's obsession with sequels has really hurt the industry as a whole, forcing writers to basically write the same script over and over again instead of trying to do something original.

That said, the prequels can actually be quite rewarding when done right. Here are 10 action movies that should get a sequel:

As you probably noticed while browsing through the movies above - this list is an exercise in wishful thinking, as Hollywood or the actors themselves have long since moved on from some of the franchises.

Take "Escape from New York" for example - while fans would have loved to see Snake Plissken's origin story, it's impossible to realistically think about the prequel with anyone other than Kurt Russel in the lead. And unfortunately, Russel is a little too old for the franchise.

And while everyone would have gone crazy if the "Inception " prequel was confirmed, it's pretty unlikely that Christopher Nolan would agree to make another blockbuster in that vein, as his schedule is pretty full to spend time on something he's already done.

Yes, Hollywood wastes billions on prequels, but somehow all that money goes into franchises that no one really wants to see more of...