Game of Thrones Hot Take: Jon Snow Too Overrated For Solo Spinoff

Game of Thrones Hot Take: Jon Snow Too Overrated For Solo Spinoff
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Is anyone even excited for the upcoming series on Kit Harington's character?

With the Jon Snow-focused series currently in early development, it looks like it could definitely use more fan love at this point, with many people unsure whether Kit Harington's character is even spinoff-worthy.

It turns out that Jon Snow is actually viewed by many as Game of Thrones ' most overrated character, even in the original show, let alone the upcoming spinoff. Why so? Oh, the reasons are nothing new.

"I was already indifferent to him at the beginning, but when his plot armor became ridiculously strong the way it did, showing GoT was no longer the show you think nobody is safe from death," Redditor Yamreall said.

Many people don't seem to understand why did Jon even become such a prominent and beloved character.

"Kit's "you're breaking up with me? But why?" expression for 8 seasons, and his in comparison milquetoast story line of honorable secret heir to the throne and potential promised savior just never grabbed me," Redditor TheFratwoodsMonster argued.

Other people noted how Snow basically became "an NPC for 1.5 seasons with 4 dialogue options," so not everyone is ready to pin the blame on Harington exclusively. The fact that the character basically had "no story" in the final GoT seasons makes fans concerned as to whether the upcoming spinoff would manage to hook anyone.

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Harington, however, has teased some dramatic storylines for his character in the upcoming series, hinting that Snow will have to somehow deal with the consequences of his choices, particularly his murder of Daenerys. It's a question of time whether the show will manage to give a new life to his character.

The Jon Snow spinoff is unlikely to hit screens before House of the Dragon season 2, and it's already a long wait, as the prequel is slated for a 2024 release.