Grey's Anatomy Doesn't Need a Snoozefest of an April & Jackson Spinoff

Grey's Anatomy Doesn't Need a Snoozefest of an April & Jackson Spinoff
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As Grey's Anatomy continues with its 19th season, more and more fans are feeling the growing void left behind after what feels like a mass exit of favorite characters over the last few seasons.

Grey Sloan has a whole new group of hopeful residents, but fans still feel like something is missing.

For characters like Derek Shepherd, Mark Sloan, and Andrew DeLuca that were killed off, there's no coming back, but in the case of other loved characters such as Meredith Grey, Alex Karev, and even Christina Yang who left the show back in season 10, fans still talk of the possibility of guest appearances or potential spinoffs.

There have been endless ideas about spinoff shows featuring characters that have left Grey Sloan, but what is surprising is that the most talked about possible spinoff is also, according to numerous fans on Reddit, the most boring one. Some have even referred to the idea as a snoozefest.

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For starters, the couple that would star in the spinoff are none other than "Japril," April Kepner, and Jackson Avery.

Some fans express fondness for the pair, but most found them to be boring, pretty toxic at times, and downright annoying. They were good characters individually and both passionate and talented doctors but from the beginning, fans felt like they just didn't work.

April and Jackson seemed to argue all the time, whether it be because Jackson was from an extremely wealthy family and an atheist and did not support April's strong Christian beliefs that stemmed from her small-town, farm upbringing. Their arguments and constant breakups quickly became tiring for fans with some dreading the pair even having screen time on the show.

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It comes as no surprise that fans are not bursting with excitement after hearing talks of an April and Jackson spin-off, with one fan pointing out on Reddit that the show would likely be full of arguments and they'd probably end up splitting up a few times or getting divorced. The two simply have no communication skills, no willingness to compromise, and almost no chemistry between them.

As nice as it would be for some fans to see familiar characters take to the screen again, the majority feel that April and Jackson have had their time in the spotlight on Grey's Anatomy and are not yearning to bring the couple back anytime soon. Sometimes, fans really are okay with the end being the end for certain characters and stories.