Guilty Pleasure Drama With 0% on Rotten Tomatoes Is a New Prime Chart Climber

Guilty Pleasure Drama With 0% on Rotten Tomatoes Is a New Prime Chart Climber
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It’s not your fault if you enjoy this movie, conquering the platform’s top.


  • Prime Video ’s 2023 romantic drama, following a forbidden romance of the two young people, explores family, societal and criminal issues.
  • It’s getting accused of poor quality and the controversy of its love line.
  • Nevertheless, it can be a good movie for guilty-pleasure watching, which is supported by its current popularity online.

The Watpadd era has spawned a number of movies and even movie franchises, based on the fanfiction romantic stories, written mostly by the young authors.

These include the massively successful After films, based on the image of Harry Styles from One Direction and the 2023 romantic drama, which has prominently taken the fifth place in Prime Video’s Global Chart, despite its low scores.

Based on Mercedes Ron’s Wattpad story, the movie’s plot revolves around 17-year-old Noah, who leaves her hometown and moves to her mother’s place, the luxurious mansion of her new husband. There she meets her new stepbrother Nick, with whom she passes the classic “from hate to love” way, which leads to their secret romance.

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This drama raises the issues of forbidden love, high class young people and, more than that, dealing with traumatic childhood memories. The point here is that Nick appears to be involved in illegal racing, which makes Noah recall her biological father, who also raced before going to prison for domestic abuse and attempted murder.

The given Spanish movie, originally titled Culpa Mía (Your Fault), despite receiving mostly negative critical reviews, gained so much viewers’ attention that it is climbing the tops even a year after its release. Moreover, its stars, Nicole Wallace and Gabriel Guevara, who portrayed Noah and Nick, are becoming rising stars of Spanish cinema.

Directed by Domingo González, it has received lots of criticism regarding the controversial romance within one family.

However, as it was quite correctly noticed by Redditor BigDamnHead, “it's not incest or gross. They didn't grow up together or even meet until she was 17”, which must clear the reasonability of such a couple.

More importantly, Culpa Mía is being criticized for its quality (or lack thereof), as its plain dialogues, easily predicted plot line and often ridiculous behavior of the main characters irritate cinema lovers. However, this can be objected to in the sense of the constant discussions of what makes a good film, your impression of it or some other qualities.

It turns out that some people reviewed it even better than the After movies, stating that the chemistry of the onscreen couple of Wallace and Guevara was obviously there, as well as the high spectacularity of the racing sequences and gangs’ portrayal.

“The lines and story are a bit lacking and cringe but is it even a ya romance movie if you don't lose a few brain cells after watching it?” one user fairly stated in a Reddit discussion.

Check out Your Fault on Prime to explore how guilty this pleasure is.