Harry Potter Fans Make It Very Clear Where They Stand on Cursed Child Movie

Harry Potter Fans Make It Very Clear Where They Stand on Cursed Child Movie
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Harry Potter is, without a doubt, one of the most popular franchises of all time, and there's always going to be a demand for further additions.

So far, we've seen some interesting continuations, such as Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Advertised as the eighth story in the Harry Potter series, the Cursed Child came out in the form of a play and a screenplay book, and it got plenty of attention.

But the real question is: can it turn into a movie that the audience would actually like? Well, Harry Potter fans make it very clear where they stand on this!

The play premiered in 2016 and received critical acclaim and numerous awards, and has even been complimented for its casting and performances. Many people actually loved the show thanks to the visual effects on-stage and the experience as a whole.

However, fans think the story leaves a lot to be desired and they wouldn't be excited to see it as a movie (and that's to put it nicely). In fact, it's a hard pass in the fandom! So much so that one Redditor even stated that they'd "rather lick a cactus for the duration of the movie."

The biggest issues all the fans are pointing out are to do with the plot, dubbing it glorified fan fiction with fundamentally awful writing (yikes!). That's because the story simply goes against many pre-established rules and creates presumptions that don't work in the Harry Potter universe.

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For this movie to stand a chance, the plot would have to be edited quite heavily. And preferably, leave out strange storylines like Voldemort and Bellatrix having a love child and the rampant use of time travel.

In all fairness, some fans have so much love for Harry Potter that they say they would watch the movie anyway, but are hoping a better alternative can be found for the story. Some are saying they would love a continuation of the Harry Potter family, just not within this storyline specifically.

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Others are suggesting a movie could even be made from Whomping Willow's point of view, and they would be more likely to watch that than the Cursed Child.

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Overall, the answer to the question about whether fans would watch a Harry Potter movie based on the Cursed Child is: absolutely and unequivocally no. However, it looks like fans wouldn't mind another sequel. There are many ways this can be improved, and perhaps, with some major plot adjustments, the writers could make it work.