Harry Potter: McGonagall Had No Way Of Knowing About Ginny's Demise, Yet She Did

Harry Potter: McGonagall Had No Way Of Knowing About Ginny's Demise, Yet She Did
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For someone who wasn’t involved with the Chamber of Secrets, Professor McGonagall identified the missing student all too quickly and unrealistically.


  • In The Chamber of Secrets, Professor McGonagall claimed to learn Ginny Weasley was kidnapped by counting her students.
  • Aside from Ginny, at least two other students weren’t present, Harry and Ron, but McGonagall never addressed it.
  • The Head of Gryffindor was clearly hiding something: she knew more than she was supposed to and didn’t care for what must have alarmed her.

Oh the bonding moments between the young lovers! Ginny’s experience with being possessed by Lord Voldemort that led her to almost die in the Chamber of Secrets might have given her a common issue to discuss with Harry later, but at the time, it was a horrible and almost inevitable tragedy waiting to happen. But she was saved!

The only question is, how did anyone learn it was Ginny who was kidnapped? Professor McGonagall had pretty much no way of knowing that, and here’s why.

McGonagall Couldn’t Have Known Ginny Went Missing

In the teachers’ discussion overheard by Harry and Ron, Minerva McGonagall claimed that after the insidious message appeared on the wall, she and the other Heads of Hogwarts Houses counted their students to identify the missing person. However, it’s quite unlikely that was how she figured out it was Ginny Weasley.

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You see, there wasn’t enough time to gather all the students in set locations and count them all. Some must have been away; Harry and Ron certainly were, for one. There were likely at least a few others, and not just in Gryffindor but in other Houses, too — so why was Professor McGonagall so sure it was Ginny who got kidnapped?

McGonagall Was Up To Something Fishy At The Time

Curiously, Minerva McGonagall’s questionable confidence about Ginny Weasley’s fate wasn’t the only weird part of her behavior during the Chamber of Secrets’ crisis that caught our attention. As we just said, there were at least two other kids clearly missing when she counted her students… And McGonagall never addressed it.

So, let’s recap.

At least three Gryffindor students were missing; McGonagall immediately “knew” which one became the Chamber of Secrets’ prisoner; and she never addressed the other two.

Either she didn’t count their students at all and lied about it or she didn’t care for Harry and Ron’s disappearance, but either way, there was something really fishy going on with McGonagall at the time — and not just because she was a cat.