Here's Why 'The Rings of Power' Writing is So Bad, According to Reddit

Here's Why 'The Rings of Power' Writing is So Bad, According to Reddit
Image credit: Prime Video

Amazon's Lord of the Rings prequel continues to weather criticism — and it's not only about its diverse cast or Tolkien legacy anymore.

With four episodes of 'The Rings of Power ' already out, fans and critics are grilling the show for its writing failures. Despite the show perfectly handling its CGI, costumes and music, it seems that the story and the characters could have been a lot better — and it's not only fans on social media who say that.

As a Forbes review slammed the show for its "inexplicably terrible writing", fans on Reddit offered some ideas as to why, in fact, it is deemed "terrible".

One of the biggest issues that critics have with the show is how "nothing is earned" in it. The characters just seem to get what they want, and even if they get into troubles, they handle them graciously and without losing. At some point, the watching process starts to be "boring", fans argue.

"We have so much going on at the same time that all story lines are barely moving, not fleshed out versions of a better story we're not seeing," Redditor FenixthePhoenix argued.

Many people are still trying to label those who hate the show as "racists", but it looks like even those who were ready to give the show a chance are giving up.

"I came at this show with so much good will, but after 3 episodes I decided to skip it. I'll probably watch it all when it's all out, but it's nothing like Tolkien; it has a Xena Warrior Princess vibe off it – not because of female protagonists but because of the overdramatic storylines, new Zealand extras and paper thin characterisations," another Reddit user scrjim admitted.

But those who agree with the Forbes review still argue that there is an explanation to the "terrible" writing.

"It's because they hired poor, inexperienced writers whose most significant prior credit was Disney Jungle Cruise," Reddit user FatOldRugbyDude said.

Many fans seem to share the sentiment, blasting the writing as "not Tolkien-worthy" and thinking of dropping the show even though there are four episodes until the end of the first season. It looks like fewer people are confident that a decent story will finally shape up before the finale.

Still, there is always a chance. 'The Rings of Power' is streaming on Prime Video, with new episodes premiering every Friday.