How Teen Wolf Fans Really Feel About Allison's Comeback Drama

How Teen Wolf Fans Really Feel About Allison's Comeback Drama
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The Teen Wolf movie is rapidly approaching and the fan-fuelled drama has already ensued! Most notably, the return of Allison is what's shaking up the fandom as of late. With most fans all in, there are a few that are turned away.

The few that oppose her comeback are confused as to how the story will play out as well as skeptical of the producers' underlying motives. With how heated fandom debates can become, we're here to answer the burning question: how can one character create such a divide?

We Didn't Start the Fire

When Allison made her appearance in the official sneak peek, fans were overjoyed. People have developed countless theories explaining why and how she was able to return. Within all the hype, a small fragment of the Teen Wolf fandom has a different view on the matter.

Individuals opposed to Allison's return claim that the revival of her character is nothing more than a half-hearted cash-in. Some fans have stated that the writers have destroyed the amazing character arc Allison had throughout the third season and that the heroic sacrifices she made for her friends are rendered worthless. Whatever their sentiment, they have an intense distaste for anything to do with her.

Allison's Comeback Will Ruin Scott and Malia for Teen Wolf Fans

An overwhelming majority of contributors to the Teen Wolf fan discussions have spoken out against the Allison haters. Their viewpoint is that the naysayers make up around 10% of the fanbase, and their main motive is to disrupt and divide them. The other 90% are super happy about her comeback and want to mitigate any drama as best they can. They would rather stand united in anticipation of how the movie can incorporate Allison into it.

Crystal Reed supporters argue that aside from the shock value the move creates many routes for the story to take. They have expressed their eagerness to see further development into the aftermath of her possession. Some have hypothesized the possibility of multiverse plotlines being plausible due to Allison's return.

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Time will Tell

Team Allison or not, the move to bring her back has not just caused a frenzy within the community – it has also paved the way for higher levels of retention amongst newer Teen Wolf viewers. Whatever the reasoning, Allison's return has allowed for a deeper analysis into the story as a whole. We can only hope that depth translates to the big screen for all to see! Teen Wolf: The Movie debuts on Paramount Plus January 26, 2023.