Indiana Jones And The Dial of Destiny Is a She-Hulk With Harrison Ford In Terms of CGI

Indiana Jones And The Dial of Destiny Is a She-Hulk With Harrison Ford In Terms of CGI
Image credit: Legion-Media/Marvel Studios

Well-well-well, if it isn't a new modern blockbuster with an insane budget — and insanely disappointing VFX.

With Indiana Jones returning for its final installment, titled The Dial of Destiny, many fans were genuinely excited for their favorite action hero's comeback.

Even some underwhelming scenes from the trailer couldn't turn them away from the new movie: after all, the trailer is not the final product... right?

Well, not really. According to many first reviews on social media, Indiana Jones fans are extremely disappointed with the movie's embarrassing CGI.

At this point, it's not even funny, people say, as pretty much every modern action project turns into a bunch of expensive actors "in front of a screensaver." In this particular scene, a computer model of Indiana Jones is used because it would clearly be a problem for 80-year-old Harrison Ford to nail the risky horse-riding himself.

But it's not just one time in the movie when the main star's age seems to be the problem.

Besides, many people were disappointed with the absence of wide shots, complaining that "almost everything was shot in medium or close up when it wasn't necessary."

Others go way further in expressing their disappointment.

"Indiana Jones [And The Dial Of Destiny] is a disaster. It traps our beloved hero in a depressing and soulless corporate movie with awful CGI," Twitter user johnj1138 said.

Is The Dial of Destiny alone in being criticized for sacrificing the soul of the movie for the sake of turning it into a green screen extravaganza? Not at all: pretty much every single action movie these days, and especially superhero films, are being panned for horrendous CGI.

Well, now Marvel's She-Hulk and Thor: Love and Thunder, DC's The Flash, The Gray Man (specifically that hilarious plane escape scene), and many other visually-underwhelming movies welcome The Dial of Destiny into the gang.