Is Eddie Munson Gay?

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There's no doubt that Stranger Things season four was packed with content and one of the things that got many people talking were the hints that Will Byers is gay.

There have been hints since season one when he was called a "fairy" by bullies and during season two, his relationship with Mike was shown to be particularly important to him. However, season four seems to have confirmed Will's sexuality as he uses a painting to confess his feelings for Mike in disguise. There's no doubt that this revelation has had viewers discussing other characters' sexuality too and one person who seems to have been the subject of hot debate is Eddie Munson.

What's Eddie Munson's sexuality?

No one knows for certain, but the general consensus is that Eddie Munson isn't gay. This is because during the first few episodes of season four his connection with Chrissy could be used to argue his straightness.

It could be said that he vibed instantly with Chrissy in the woods and it's one of only a couple of times the character removes his jacket, suggesting that his guard is down and a softer side is there. In his final scene, he also declares "Chrissy, this is for you." For someone who barely knew her, it's safe to say he developed an affection for her quite quickly.

Why do people think Eddie Munson is gay?

The reason a few people have suggested Eddie Munson is gay is due to his emotional final scene with Dustin Henderson. After spending time alone on a mission to deflect attention away from their friends in the Upside Down, Eddie decides it's his time to not run away and be a coward. Essentially, he sacrifices himself for his friends.

After an epic performance of Metallica's "Master of Puppets" atop the trailer, Dustin and Eddie head out of the Upside Down as Vecna's demobats manage to break in. As Dustin passes through the gate, Eddie changes his mind and decides to continue the fight. In doing so, he cuts the rope, leaving Dustin unable to get back into the Upside Down himself.

By the time Dustin manages to climb his way back into the underworld, Eddie is left fighting for his life after being attacked. The frantic scenes of a few moments ago are replaced by a tender and quiet moment between the two characters. As Eddie takes his final breaths, the pair declare their love for one another.

However, this expressed love is likely to be kinship and bromance rather than anything romantic. After all, it was Dustin who helped Eddie when others in Hawkins were suspecting his involvement in Chrissy's death. Whatever it is, it's a beautiful moment in the series and one that will do down in Stranger Things history.

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