Is Encanto's Mirabel Bisexual — And Do We Really Need to Care?

Is Encanto's Mirabel Bisexual — And Do We Really Need to Care?
Image credit: Legion-Media

At this point, can we survive without knowing who certain Disney characters prefer?

Even if you thought that was never even important in the first place, fans have their theories about the sexuality of Mirabel Madrigal from Disney 's Encanto.

Some people believe that the character is queer-coded and "written as bisexual", and if you want proof, then Twitter is always there for you to get one. For instance, some eagle-eyed fans spotted a pin on Mirabel's dress that looked very much like bisexual rainbow.

Even though Mirabel does not have any romantic connection to anyone in Encanto, fans were ready to believe that the little pin was in fact a subtle hint from the creators that she is bisexual. The theory has become so widely-known that even the actress who voiced Mirabel, Stephanie Beatriz, had to weigh in.

"For Mirabel's journey, I was much more focused on how she felt like an outsider in her family. But I think for Mirabel, the main thing happening is this feeling and desire to be accepted by her family and to be loved for who she is," she told Vulture when asked about Mirabel's sexuality.

Beatriz is bisexual herself, and she admitted that Mirabel's feeling that she is different can be similar to what queer kids experience. However, she clarified that she did not deliberately play her as bisexual, but noted that she understands why queer people relate to Mirabel so much.

Fans have largely supported her sentiment, arguing that while representation is important, Mirabel's story is simply not about that — at least for now. Encanto was about her trying to find and secure her own place in her family while also helping the rest of her relatives make peace with each other and themselves.

Still, the lack of focus on Mirabel's sexuality in Encanto does not mean that one could not theorize about it or associate oneself with Mirabel and however one sees her. Who knows — perhaps, the story of the Madrigal family is far from over and we should be preparing ourselves for a sequel?