Is Kamala Khan Powerless Without The Bangle? Not Necessarily, Fan Theory Says

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In fact, there might be much more to her powers than previously thought.

In 'Ms. Marvel', Kamala Khan obtains her superpowers after trying on a mysterious bangle inherited from her great-grandmother Aisha. When she tries to find out more about the origin of the bangle, her relatives dismiss her, ambiguously noting that Aisha "brought shame" upon their family.

Less-than-articulate, the hints do not prevent Kamala from actively using the bangle and the powers it provides to her. But the fact that Ms. Marvel seems to be capable of superhero stuff only due to the bangle has brought up a question of whether she will be left powerless should something happen to the bangle.

It seems that things are not that simple. When helping Kamala practice with her superpowers, her friend Bruno managed to detect that her powers come from within her own body, and the bangle only helps her activate them.

If Bruno's suggestions turn out to be true, then Kamala might be on track to learn how to bend her "cosmic" powers without the help of the bangle. Many fans have already claimed that Kamala is still far from her superhero limits.

"And the reasons she goes all crystallized is because that's the effect that the bangle HAS on her powers!! Without the bangle, her powers would not be crystallized!" – @GrandonJlg.

In fact, should the series showrunners go in that direction, Kamala might end up actually having the comic-accurate powers of Ms. Marvel, the lack of which infuriated some fans long before the show's premiere.

Some fans pointed out that in the comics, Kamala also had her abilities evolving and changing, so she might have to undergo a similar journey in the TV show.

With 'Ms. Marvel' mid-season finale to arrive this Wednesday, it's only a matter of time for the fans to find out the truth.

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