Is 'Love and Thunder' Gorr A Missed Opportunity? Here's What Reddit Thinks

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Millions of the MCU fans are really looking forward to Christian Bale's take one the iconic villain, but some leaks suggest that his role is not as great as expected.

'Love and Thunder' promises to be one of the best MCU movies ever made, thanks to a stacked cast, Taika Waititi's trademark direction, and a formidable new villain, Gorr the God Butcher. According to some polls, Christian Bale's antagonist is already considered the greatest in Marvel movie history, and while it's too early to tell, the design and presentation of his character is certainly top notch. So why are some fans on Reddit already accusing Kevin Feige of ruining Gorr as the ultimate villain?

The thing is, some people rightly believe that both Christian Bale and his character are too great to be considered a one-off villain, and according to some plot leaks, Waititi actually approached him that way, not even showing him in the movie long enough before his inevitable defeat. Fans believe that a Thanos-like approach to Gorr could have been much more fruitful than what we would get.

"Usual disclaimer to reserve judgemental until I see it, but I feel like not having Gorr + Bale has a multi-film villain is a missed opportunity. He’s powerful, sympathetic to the audience and can bring high stakes. Could have had him kill the Greek gods, go after the bigger MCU ones and even tie in with Eternals and Celestials in a follow-up film. From the leaks, it seems he kills some minor gods before he bites it." – /apegoneinsane.

However, other fans were quick to accuse detractors of poor comic book knowledge, saying that the original Gorr did not play a major role in Thor's story, remaining far behind Thanos. :Gorr in the comics was literally a one off who was introduced and killed off within 5 issues. There's no shrinking the role down here," as one of the fans pointed it out.

'Thor: Love and Thunder' will arrive to cinemas around U.S. on July 7, 2022.

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