Is Upcoming Dungeons & Dragons Reboot Doomed To Go To Waste?

Is Upcoming Dungeons & Dragons Reboot Doomed To Go To Waste?
Image credit: Legion-Media

Dungeons & Dragons is an epic role-play board game.

It was adapted into a trilogy in the 2000s, which turned out to be as epic a fail. Now, more than a decade since the last film was made, we are promised a reboot.

This time it is supposed to be different. The budget is bigger. So are the names of the leading actors. The VFX are state-of-the-art. The plot is promised to be epic. These are as far as we could conclude from the trailer.

Indeed, the costumes are colorful, the cast is beloved, and the visuals meet the modern standards. Will it be interesting to watch?

It may well depend on your expectations. Fans of the fantasy genre and the game itself don't seem to set theirs high.

"Maybe they're [the movie creators] trying to accurately manage expectations. This is clearly not going to be a LOTR style fantasy, epic and serious," Reddit user FirstEvolutionist said.

Horses for courses it will be fair to say. The upcoming Dungeons & Dragons reboot is definitely not about satisfying fans craving for the epic. It is quite capable of entertainment though.

As many have pointed out, the movie is more of a comedy, which is logical to presume since most of the main personages are thieves (or used-to-be thieves), with personalities adequate of their craft, than it is of a fantasy lore.

Blunt humor, sarcasm, and the clash of too different character traits to peacefully exist in one team, all contribute to the melting pot of the movie's potential to entertain.

Those who like the classical fantasy genre might still enjoy the great adventure and on-the-road plot, typical of it. On the other hand, fans of the classic game find themselves at a crossroads.

Some are rightfully worried that the upcoming reboot will only bastardize the game's ideas and canons, just like the previous movies did. With their fingers crossed, others are optimistically looking forward to seeing what they will be offered this time.

"I know there is a sore spot with the great D&D community over recent events, and many will be tempted to boycott the movie because of it, but I just have to say that if we don't support projects that get things right, we will miss out in the long run," YouTuber Muchgum said.

Whatever Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is thought to be, it is worth watching before giving a verdict. Will it be a flop or a success, we will learn after March, 31st, when it's released.