It's Time to Stop Hoping for Black Adam to Save DCEU: The Film Blasted as 'Anti-Entertaining'

It's Time to Stop Hoping for Black Adam to Save DCEU: The Film Blasted as 'Anti-Entertaining'
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Black Adam is about to hit the theaters on October 21, but the critics have already hit Black Adam. The film currently has a 32% rating from top critics and 54% overall on Rotten Tomatoes.

The hopes for the phoenix of DCEU to rise from the ashes seem to get lower with every new review. If top critics on RT don't back down, Black Adam has a chance to fall down to 2017's Justice League level.

Dwayne Johnson has been hyping up the movie and promised everyone that "the hierarchy of the power in the DC Universe is about to change," but some things seem to stay constant, and yet another DC film is at risk of failing at the box office. With such big promises, Black Adam seems to have failed to impress the critics, who slammed the movie as "anti-entertaining."

Clarisse Loughrey from the Independent (UK) rated the movie 1/5, admitting that "Whatever this new hierarchy of power is, it's confusing as hell." Jordan Hoffman, in his review for Vanity Fair, called Black Adam "a McDonald's Hamburger."

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Fans awaiting the premiere have shared their thoughts on what they think is about to come all over Reddit and Twitter. The latter seems to be a little more hopeful about the upcoming "savior" with tweets like "It could be 47%, 35%, 69%, hell even 0%. We still watching Black Adam!" or "Loyalty check. Who's going to watch #BlackAdam?" But still, many are skeptical in replies to the "loyalty check" tweets.

Reddit, on the other hand, doesn't try to keep the hype up. "How depressingly unsurprising," says a comment with 2.7k upvotes, referring to the movie's failure among the critics. Many are straight out making fun of Johnson's promises with comments like, "But…but…the hierarchy!!!" or "The Rock playing The Rock in black Adam, what could go wrong!"

The comments about "the hierarchy" seem to have become a meme at this point. "Looks like the hierarchy of the DCEU's mediocre critical reception hasn't changed at all," says a Reddit comment with 1.7k upvotes.

It is too soon to say for sure if Black Adam will become a fan favorite, but it is sure hard to deliver when the stakes are this high. The DCEU fans are yet to see the movie and share their own opinion. The question is, will they actually go see it?