James Gunn Done Nothing Wrong Reusing GotG Cast in DCU

James Gunn Done Nothing Wrong Reusing GotG Cast in DCU
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Newly-minted DC co-CEO James Gunn has come under some fan scrutiny for his casting choices – namely the prospect of using actors from his MCU series in the DC Studios movies. But is he really doing anything wrong?

One user on Twitter pleaded for Gunn not to encourage his Guardians of the Galaxy cast to "follow" him to the DCU. The fan said that newer actors bring new memories for the audience, rather than "swimming in the same muddy pond." Gunn quoted his tweet, effectively shutting him down while still remaining professional.

Gunn said that there are a lot of roles to fill – some will be new actors, some will be those he's previously worked with. What's most important, according to Gunn, is which actor fits the best.

The Twitter user said he wasn't alone in his thoughts, which is somewhat true. The cries against Gunn's reuse of his buddy actors come from a small crowd, but they are certainly loud. Other fans stand by Gunn, having no issues with his casting choices. And they are absolutely right.

Most directors have a handful of actors they use in most movies. Samuel L. Jackson is a mainstay of Quentin Tarantino 's films; Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio have worked on several iconic films; every Christopher Nolan film is basically a cast reunion of the previous one.

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Gunn and Peter Safran are seeking to usher in a new era of DC films, one that can compete with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is critical that they separate themselves in some way as original if they hope to compete, but casting a few of the same actors would not be an issue.

In truth, DC Studios has already done that before. Djimon Hounsou worked with Gunn as a supporting character in the 2014 Guardians film; he was later cast as the Wizard in DC's Shazam! franchise, as well as voicing a separate character in Aquaman. Speaking of Shazam!, its star – Zachary Levi – first played Fandral in 2013's Thor: The Dark World. Idris Elba, David Dastmalchian, Taika Waititi, and Andy Serkis also had a role in the MCU before appearing in a DC film.

The real issue isn't that fans don't want MCU actors in the DCU. The issue is Gunn-specific: They worry that he, once an important figure in the MCU, will bring too many of the MCU tactics, tones, themes, and – yes – actors into his new franchise. But honestly, is that a bad thing?

The MCU has had DC's number for the past decade. In both critical ratings, audience scores, and box office numbers, the MCU dominates.

Gunn's success with Marvel is likely a huge reason DC hired him to right their ship. They expected him to bring a few similar elements over, including some of his actors – who, because of the MCU – are some of the most bankable stars of this generation.