James Gunn Reveals The DCEU Future Of 'Peacemaker' Characters

James Gunn Reveals The DCEU Future Of 'Peacemaker' Characters
Image credit: Legion-Media

James Gunn is finally bidding farewell to the MCU, venturing into the DC universe, and it looks like some of his 'Peacemaker' characters will be a major part of his upcoming career at Warner Bros.

Gunn already directed 2021's 'Suicide Squad' for the studio, and his HBO Max series 'Peacemaker ' starring John Cena has only reassured fans that the director has managed to find a welcoming haven after all the misadventures at Marvel Studios. The DCEU welcomes the auteur's approach to filmmaking, and Gunn's trademark dark sense of humor and his penchant for excessive violence fit perfectly with DC's darker approach to the superhero genre.

In a conversation with The Playlist Gunn spoke at length about his future projects, revealing that some important 'Peacemaker' characters will play a huge role in his upcoming endeavors.

"I am working very seriously on another DC project, where I'm very involved in the writing and the direction of it. There will be some blending of the characters from 'Peacemaker' in the other shows I'm working on. And I'm involved with a couple of other [DC] things too," Gunn said.

It looks like Warner Bros. is just happy to have Gunn join their universe, probably hoping that the director will help them get back on track and maybe even surpass Marvel Studios, even if only among adult audiences.

Gunn's last MCU film 'Guardians of the Galaxy 3 ' will arrive to cinemas on May 5, 2023.