Jamie Campbell Bower Reveals He Made This 'Stranger Things' Cast Member Cry

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A good villain is scary even in real life.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for season 4 of 'Stranger Things'

The 'Stranger Things' crew has welcomed a newcomer in season 4: Jamir Campbell Bower, a.k.a Henry Creel, a.k.a. 001, a.k.a. the season's main villain Vecna. It turns out that his performance as the latter was so compelling that it even got Millie Bobby Brown, the actress behind Eleven, to burst into tears.

In a rare move for modern cinematic endeavors, the Duffer brothers decided to opt for practical effects when creating Vecna, meaning that very little about Bower's intimidating villain was made with CGI. So he in fact would walk around the set looking like a red bloodied monster.

Some of the actors were okay with it – and some weren't, as Bower revealed to IGN.

"I am pacing around often, beforehand, saying some pretty vile things under my breath about whoever's in front of me, and just vile things in general pretty much up until action when I've got to say the actual lines," the actor said. "The poor actor playing Chrissy (Grace Van Dien), she was terrified. Sadie [Sink]'s really tough. She's a tough person, so she was kind of all right. But Millie [Bobby Brown] cried. The first time that Millie saw me, she burst into tears. It was in the rehearsal, and she literally just burst into tears."

In fact, everyone who has already seen Volume 1 of season 4 might understand Millie, as Vecna does look absolutely terrifying. In the show, he is a twisted version of Henry Creel, the laboratory's 001 who was banished by Eleven into the underworld. The monster he became feeds on people's guilt and fears, and over the course of Volume 1, Vecna claimed several lives, including those of cheerleader Chrissy, school journalist Fred, and almost got his hands on Max. The latter, however, managed to escape the ill fate of being disfigured by the evil supernatural force.

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