Jenna Ortega Shared Favorite Horror Movies and Her Picks Are 10/10

Jenna Ortega Shared Favorite Horror Movies and Her Picks Are 10/10
Image credit: Legion-Media

Turns out, Wednesday star is a big fan of horror genre.

Jenna Ortega is best known to the audiences for playing the titular character in Wednesday.

But before that she played a succession of roles in horror movies, from relatively mainstream ones, including Scream ( 2022) and Scream VI, to the more obscure titles, such as Insidious: Chapter 2 and The Babysitter: Killer Queen, as well as one of the main characters in the psychological thriller series You.

So she knows a thing or two about horror from the inside. And outside of her work, she also is a real fan of the genre. As she said on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon:

"I love horror films. I don't know what it is about having blood thrown on your face and running around screaming bloody murder. It really is so therapeutic, so much fun."

The first movie which truly scared her was Child's Play (1988), an installment of the Chucky franchise, which she saw as a kid, even though her older siblings tried to keep her away from the screen:

"They sent me to my room, and I remember peeking around the corner of my hallway to watch the film, and I literally only saw his hand. I screamed in terror because I knew he was this murderous doll, and then every year I would have a nightmare about a hand up until I was about 15."

But she had long outlived her fear, and nowadays she has her list of favorite horror movies, some of which make Child's Play looking like, well, child's play in terms of content. When recently asked by Rotten Tomatoes to name her favorite horror movies, she came up with a list of five.

In no particular order, these movies are the classic slasher Prom Night (1980), Insidious (2010), famed for being one of the scariest movies ever, Possession (1981), The Witch (2015) and Persona (1966).

Notably, none of these movies comes from long-running horror franchises, so this selection in itself demonstrates in-depth familiarity with the genre. Even if some choices, especially Prom Night, might be the matter of taste, certainly the movies from this list are noteworthy and deserve to at least be checked by any fan of the genre.