Jensen Ackles’ Role in Tracker Has All the Reasons to Be Much More Than a Cameo

Jensen Ackles’ Role in Tracker Has All the Reasons to Be Much More Than a Cameo
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The whole family drama could take up a pivotal role in the main character’s storyline.


  • Tracker’s leading actor Justin Hartley has recently made it clear in his social media that his character’s brother will make a big entrance in the season 1’s penultimate episode — and the role got landed by a very exciting guest star.
  • Supernatural ’s star Jensen Ackles has thus been confirmed to make his way to the show as Colter’s brother Russell, whose previous appearances in flashbacks may hint at an unfolding family drama.
  • So far there’s not so much to say about how big Jensen Ackles’ role as Russell Shaw will turn out to be.
  • Many are sure that the actor’s previous TV credits may come in handy for his character’s future in the show.

CBS’ Tracker is seemingly aiming at expanding Colter Shaw’s inner world drama with some exciting guest stars’ appearance — and so many fans are hoping to see much more than just a one-episode-long family affair.

With the recent news revealed by Tracker’s leading actor Justin Hartley himself, Jensen Ackles’ cameo in the penultimate episode of the show’s first season is getting more anticipation than everything that we’ll get to see in the finale.

Though so far nothing can be said about how big Ackles’ role will get to be in the series, the actor’s fans think his previous experience may help him land something more than just a quick cameo.

Jensen Ackles has recently been confirmed to take up the role of Russell Shaw, Colter’s alienated older brother captured in several flashbacks earlier, but the role was given to Mathew Nelson-Mahood back then.

Right up till the moment of Ackles’ entrance in the show, which will be marked by the episode called Off the Books and set to be released on May 12, Tracker has made it quite clear that Colter’s personality turns out to be much more complex than it may seem given all the toughness of his behavior.

His troubled brother’s vast come-back may thus reveal much more about their common background that the show has been keeping a secret so far.

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Apart from being a possible catalyst of the whole drama that starts embracing the plot, Jensen Ackles is actually the perfect fit for the role he landed. As many fans of the mystery horror show Supernatural can confirm, the actor has had quite good preps for his future in Tracker during all the years that he portrayed goofy and careless Dean Winchester that went in total contrast with his earnest brother Sam, in the show played by Jared Padalecki.

It thus comes as something obvious that Ackles’ versatility as an actor and ability to masterfully juggle humor and drama may have all chances to turn into something that will later on be able to earn him a bit more solid place in Tracker’s upcoming episodes and maybe even the next season.