Jim Parsons’ Cameo in Young Sheldon’s Perfect Finale Could’ve Actually Never Happened

Jim Parsons’ Cameo in Young Sheldon’s Perfect Finale Could’ve Actually Never Happened
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And his decision in fact has changed everything.

The Big Bang Theory ’s prequel Young Sheldon is now officially over after seven seasons of exploring Sheldon Cooper’s earlier years in Texas, and fans are probably still not over that sweet reunion that everyone was expecting to see in the finale. The show got Sheldon’s original actor Jim Parsons back to the screen, proving that he’s in a good place in life, finishing his own memoir that the character has been narrating all along.

With all the benefits that the decision to conclude the series in this way eventually brought, Parsons himself initially didn’t see that much of a potential for such an ending, but his change of mind actually righted all the wrongs the show has ever had.

Prior to the release of Young Sheldon’s final episode that aired on May 16, the actor revealed that he’d had second thoughts about reprising his role in the ending scene. According to Parsons, he was just fine helming the show as one of the producers and a narrator, though he didn’t “really want to go revisit the character.”

He then clarified that reading the fully drafted script eventually made him reconsider the creators’ offer as “the way that they wrote it in was I thought so beautiful that it ended up being like this little extra coda or whatever to my experience with the character.”

Despite everyone’s fears concerning that particular scene, Jim Parsons’ appearance as adult Sheldon alongside his wife Amy Farrah Fowler, portrayed by Mayim Bialik, was just the perfect final touch for the show, especially considering all its plot holes in regard to The Big Bang Theory.

Young Sheldon’s finale proved that the character’s adult version couldn’t be doing better still living happily with Amy and their two children in a Los Angeles suburb. Apart from that, the prequel also hinted that all those inconsistencies in both shows’ storylines are nothing else but little pranks of the character’s genius mind.

As Sheldon Cooper himself would say in this case, bazinga.

Source: People